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Canadian Bitcoin Scam Expands to British Columbia


Police in Burnaby believe infamous a surge in Bitcoin-linked scams at some stage in Vancouver.

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Canadian Bitcoin Scam Expands to British Columbia

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police, or RCMP, in Burnaby, a district of Vancouver in British Columbia, reported a surge of Bitcoin (BTC) linked scams at some stage within town. This files comes amid most stylish reports of the same command occurring at some stage in Canada.

Authorities train scammers call their sufferer and impersonate a member of the RCMP. The scammer then falsely states that the police believe an arrest warrant for the sufferer linked to pretend command.

Diverse phone numbers worn within the rip-off’s calls

More than one phone numbers are worn in these attacks. Victims assuredly earn quite a lot of calls from diversified numbers, and are educated that within the occasion that they alert someone of their family of the calls, they too shall be arrested.

The scammer then requests a payment, asserting that the funds ought to be deposited via a Bitcoin ATM.

Burnaby RCMP has warned that the same scams believe fervent suspects claiming to be from CRA as effectively. They acknowledged that police forces in Canada attain now not get Bitcoin as a strategy of payment, and ought to never request Bitcoin ATM deposits.

Around $11,000 stolen from a sole sufferer

Authorities detailed that “This rip-off recently model a local resident in relation to CAD 15,000 [$11,000].”

The RCMP is for the time being investigating two Bitcoin-linked scams in Strathcona County in Alberta, Canada. Cointelegraph also reported on June 19 that a the same rip-off has reportedly centered residents of Winnipeg, Canada.