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Bitcoin-Inspired Web Funny Bulltardia Hides 10 Million Satoshi Prize


Virtually $1,000 rate of Bitcoin is up for grabs for discovering the twelve formula of a wallet’s seed phrase contained within the serialized web comedian “Bulltardia.”

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Bitcoin-Inspired Web Comic Bulltardia Hides 10 Million Satoshi Prize

A serialized web-comedian known as Bulltardia is hiding twelve keys which originate a seed phrase for a Bitcoin (BTC) wallet containing 0.1 BTC. The first two episodes are integrated in quantity three of the Bitcoin culture fanzine, Castle 21.

There were a probability of opportunities for folks that admire cryptic puzzles and free Bitcoin, from early treasure hunts thru the streets of Barcelona, to clues hidden in graffiti art and even an album beefy of tune.

Now, especially for folks that admire comedian books and graphic novels, comes one other opportunity to solve the clues, crack the code and accept admission to a wallet holding 0.1 BTC ($940 at press time).

The worlds of Bitcoin and comedian books collide

Bulltardia is a serialized web-comedian, written and drawn by Unlit Zayan, and holding the twelve clues to the aforementioned wallet’s seed phrase.

At demonstrate the important thing two episodes, “A Prayer To The Moon” and “Honey Badger Doesn’t Care” are readily available in essentially the latest quantity of Castle 21. Future episodes can be released over the impending months.

The story so far…

As one would perhaps well moreover have seen from the episode titles on my own, the Bitcoin inspiration is principal.

There is a shadowy collector flanked by bodyguard bears, imprisoning folk that conspire against the oppressive “holy church of fiat,” and pray to the moon.

After which there may perhaps be the petulant honey badger hero known as Bit, who won’t draw favours at no cost, and is a little bit of of a brat, all knowledgeable. He will get sent on a mission by his father, Satoshi, to return a moonstone (bearing a Bitcoin B) to the moon, and confidently develop up a little bit of on the high-tail.

As talked about there are devoted two episodes in so far, and Cointelegraph will provide a beefy review as soon as extra episodes are forthcoming. Zayan promises that the upcoming episode three will introduce a formidable supervillain and ruin abundantly certain the rationale of the comedian strips title, Bulltardia.

For the time being, treasure hunters can pore over the important thing two episodes taking a look for phrases from the seed phrase to that wallet. Readers have even been given a clue already. The first key is one among the explanations the honey badger doesn’t care.